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Malobi Sinha has been a contributor here on PoetryPasta! Congratulations Malobi 🙂  Download Malobi’s poems!  They’re excellent 🙂

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Praise for “Rain”:

Rain’ is a third Book of Poetry by author Malobi Sinha – poems to comfort, soothe…excite and satisfy the soul.

“Malobi Sinha writes poems of suppleness and emotional candour… Although Australia is rich in poetic talent like Ms Sinha…the rewards of her poetry are many, and her poems encourage repeated readings, growing richer and more complex each time.”

Phillip A. Ellis, Author, Editor Melaleuca

“There is a freshness and vibrancy in Malobi Sinha’s poems that I for one have rarely encountered in the otherwise Byzantine mazes of much contemporary poetry. The complex layers of meaning in her poems, beneath their often apparent simplicity, rewards the reader at every turn.”

Graham Pitts, Screenwriter


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Some Poetry


Hallo there, how are you? I felt like sharing some of my poetry – 2 poems are appended below, hope you like them – have a fantastic day!


It is over

Now; That which began

Many Moons ago

With the onset

Of the Night. Long

Ages have passed

And long tortuous

Days have dawned

And set on this Earth;

The Time is

Now to Move on

With that which

Now means the

World to us; Our

Life, once a labyrinth

Of lies and deceit

Is now bound for

Glory, much

Deserved, wanted

And much



Long Ago

There is no Time

To waste; Hurry

Is in order

To get things

Done. Notwithstanding

The obstacles in

Our paths, the

Mountains and the

Valleys that be in our

Way; We must cross

Over to the Land

That awaits us

That we have always dreamt

About; We must cross

Over to the

Promised Land that cries

To us in our dreams

Amongst the sins and the

Drudgery that we have endured

In the midst of our

Daily grind, in order to

Earn our daily

Bread. Speed is in

Order and we must

Make haste to see

That which has been

Ordained from a Time

Long Ago

World Poetry Day and ‘Rain’


Good Morning! Or is it already afternoon…

Today is World Poetry Day, to share and and read Poetry in all its forms. To that end, I share with you my latest poem, ‘Rain’ which is the namesake for my third, and Free, eBook, ‘Rain’:



The bell, it was

Tolling loudly as

Though possessed of

Ghosts of its

Own; Toll it did

Loud and strong

Pure and True

Until I woke from

Slumber to realise

That it was

Wind chimes from

The Outside coming

Through the window;

The wind pulling it

To and fro

And a storm Was

Arising as it

Must as it had

Needed to all those

Days that the Hot

Sun beat down

On the Ground

Accursed at its own

Existence. Would

It rain

‘Rain’ can be downloaded Free here. Please leave me any thoughts…you are welcome to share any of your own Poetry in the Comments. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon 🙂