World Poetry Day and ‘Rain’


Good Morning! Or is it already afternoon…

Today is World Poetry Day, to share and and read Poetry in all its forms. To that end, I share with you my latest poem, ‘Rain’ which is the namesake for my third, and Free, eBook, ‘Rain’:



The bell, it was

Tolling loudly as

Though possessed of

Ghosts of its

Own; Toll it did

Loud and strong

Pure and True

Until I woke from

Slumber to realise

That it was

Wind chimes from

The Outside coming

Through the window;

The wind pulling it

To and fro

And a storm Was

Arising as it

Must as it had

Needed to all those

Days that the Hot

Sun beat down

On the Ground

Accursed at its own

Existence. Would

It rain

‘Rain’ can be downloaded Free here. Please leave me any thoughts…you are welcome to share any of your own Poetry in the Comments. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon 🙂