Inspirational Articles, and The Castle and Other Stories FREE on Smashwords

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Inspirational Articles, and The Castle and Other Stories FREE on Smashwords

Inspirational Articles, and The Castle and Other Stories are now FREE on Smashwords!

Inspirational Articles – We are all searching for Peace in our innermost souls. This collection of Articles with tips to inspire will hopefully bring about the Peace and Love that we and this world all want and need. “I believe that the best sort of gain that we can hope for is when we make others happy. To see that sparkle in the eye of that old lady whom you help to cross the road.” Sinha writes with fluidity, candour..

The Castle and Other Stories – Now, the places beyond the Rushlands are stark and desert-like; it has never been hospitable…there are dying carcasses. This is where Inder found himself…Eva is mesmerised by the mysterious Keven who is new in town…but little does she know the mysteries he really holds! Louis and Simon get even with bullies with the help of a…faery? A Review: “…growing richer and more complex each time.”

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Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch (Hodder, 2005); A Review

Conversations With God

There are many books that deal with issues related to Spirituality and God. None, however, explore that between man/woman both with and as God, as well as Walsch in ‘Conversations with God’. Walsch’s novel has many ‘truths’ that might be discussed.

The crux of the book hinges on the theory that we are all God ourselves, all we need to do is look within, and ‘He/Her/It/Us’ will speak with us. Walsch asks God, ‘Are you saying that all the bad things that happen to us are of our own choosing?’ God replies, ‘Not in the conscious sense – which you mean. They are all of your own creation’.

This brings us to the cycle of karma – what we do, comes back to us. It is said by some that even thoughts that a person has influences matter.

Walsch surmises that the Trinity is the same in all religions – the Father, Son and Holy Ghost in Christianity akin to the Brahma, Shiva and Krishna of Hinduism. However, this could be a source of contention, as not all religions have a ‘Trinity’; Buddhism, for example, does not. It believes in Buddha, and no God, but as man.

This brings us to an interesting point; what, then, is the common theme amongst all religions? Walsch’s God talks as a father, a friend. Is this common of all religions? In Hinduism, God can even be in the form of a husband or wife.

There is one aspect of all religions that have a common theme – Love. Whatever form God takes, it is one of Love. There can be debate as to whether the Lord really is a strict ‘Father’ or a loving ‘Husband’ – but all religions agree that He/She is love abounding.

This now brings us to the Final point of the exercise – if in all religions God is Love, then cannot religion itself be ‘discarded’ and God himself/herself be worshipped as true ‘Love’ in whatever form we choose. God in Walsch’s novel calls Walsch His ‘Daughter, Son, Purpose…and Self’. Is God not also a Husband, a Wife, a Love, a Lover?

I choose to leave you with these words – God is Love. But what is Love? Where is Love? Is it not in everyone we meet, all we see – the land, the ocean, rivers and trees…in our fellow men and women, indeed in the rest of the Universe, above and below? For are we not one, created equal, to be as One with All till Eternity.

Africa – An Essay & Inspirational Articles

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Africa – An Essay

Inspirational Articles

Africa – An Essay – “The ‘flame’ trees that lined the only road from Nairobi city to Jomo Kenyatta airport whizzed by as we drove past. Occasionally, a giraffe or impala stood out in the dusk, silhouetted against the setting sun, and a strange tugging at my heart made me want to stamp my feet and yell out “No! I want to stay! I don’t want to go!” I had a feeling of helplessness, as though precious riches were slipping through my fingers, and I couldn’t do anything at all to stop them. This is an eyewitness account of a life spent growing up in Kenya, East Africa, until the attempted coup in 1983. It is indeed an essay on the times spent there. Sinha writes with fluidity, candor, as well as surprising layers of complexity…”


Inspirational Articles – We are all searching for Peace in our innermost souls. This collection of Articles will hopefully help to bring about the Peace and Love that we, and this world, all want and need. “I believe that the best sort of gain that we can hope for is when we make others happy. To see that sparkle in the eye of that old lady whom you help to cross the road” Sinha writes with fluidity, candour…

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The Light In Us


The IT revolution is in full swing. Not only are computers getting faster, but they are also becoming more affordable to the average man (person). What is ‘new’ now, is ‘old’ in three years’ time. Take for instance, a lap-top that my brother-in-law bought 3 years ago; it was the latest thing then, but now, it is ‘chugging along’ as though the life has left it. It only had 512 MHz of RAM. Nowadays, it is commonplace for a laptop to have at least 2 or 3GHz of power, oftentimes more.

As for mobile phones – they are getting smaller by the year! Let us not go into the controversy over their health concerns – we can leave that for later. Cars are faster, more comfortable. Land sizes for housing is decreasing – sizes of houses themselves are increasing.

The world is getting smaller. We can go where we want, when we want. At least, many of us can; the boundaries between the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’ is increasing. Many people in villages across the world cannot afford a square meal a day. Violence is rife in some parts of the world. When people walk down the street, they do not have the time to greet their neighbour. They are caught up in a selfish ‘me’ state – I must do this – this is happening to me – I want to be cooped up in my own room.

Why have we come to this state? Is it technology which is separating us from each other? Surely not – Facebook, Twitter, hotmail, yahoo – everything is at our fingertips. We can write messages to friends across the world, and view them on WebCam. We can call anyone anytime – everything is just a phone call away. But we are too busy, or too tired, or too…selfish?

I remember when my grandmother passed away. It was over 15 years ago. She had cancer of the liver, and we found out only at the last stages. I did not get to see her again. I never got to send her the ‘Thank you Grandma’ and ‘I love you Grandma’ cards that I had thought I would. I had thought of it so many times, but had never sent them. Once, she had shown me the cards that her sister’s grand-kids had sent, and I thought then that I would buy her some. I had so many opportunities, but the time never came.

Children nowadays spend 60 hours per week in childcare, away from their parents, who are busy earning money so that they can afford more. At the price of what?  A child’s well-being? These children have difficulty adjusting to society, and feel unloved. Many of them are violent, at such a tender age.

We must take accountability for our own actions. To use a much-used quote – money is not everything.

Take a good, long look at yourself. Deep down, ask yourself what you truly want – who you want to make happy, what you want out of life. Think about it till you reach the bottom of your heart – and find the answer. Is it to buy all the clothes you want, even though your wardrobe is overflowing? Is it to buy the latest car, even though your old one will do just as well? Or is it to make your little boy (or girl) happy, not by spoiling him with gifts because you feel guilty being away from him so much, but by actually being there for him – with love, the thing most precious to us all.

As you go away having read this article, I do not want you to feel that I am criticizing you. We are all caught in our own whirlpool of choices, emotions and what we think are necessities. Sometimes, we don’t even have time to think.

So that is all I am asking you to do. Think deeply about yourself, your friends, your relatives, anyone you care about. What do you want in life? And the answer will reveal itself.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. And may the road before you be full of light and love; because deep down, that is what we all are – light and love.

Sea of Souls


I have been on this Earth for a few years now – enough to appreciate the fact that I am here. The most important fact that I have chosen to learn is that there is an abundance of Love in all Souls. I say ‘chosen’ to learn because we all choose our own paths – we choose everything that happens to us by what we do each and every second in our lives.

Karma is a concept that has become more common than it was a hundred years ago in the World. What we do has immense consequences in all aspects of All – All the Universe.

Some believe in God, others Not – it is a fact that when a living Being dies, a mass leaves their body – the Soul.

We are all inter-connected by our Souls – each a part of the other. Therefore, even our thoughts have consequences for each other.

Now – what is the Soul? Is it not Love abounding? Serenity All-Encompassing? A River flowing to the Sea – the Sea of Souls? For that is what we All are – a Sea of Souls.

As I leave you to other things that you will do, let me leave you with this thought – you are Love abounding; You are Serenity All-Encompassing – You itself are the Sea – the Sea of Souls.


Poppies in a Vase small

Once upon a time dinosaurs roamed the world. Things have changed since then. Humans now rule, as it were, the world. There are still problems, though. Sometimes it is not a just reign. There is bribery, corruption, war and pain, in different parts of the world. We are not yet equal, in the eyes of many.

There is much that we can do, as a whole, and also as individuals. It does not take a lot of time to smile, or help a blind man across to the tram stop. What meaning do we have on this planet if we are not useful to someone else? We ourselves will feel needed and more fulfilled as a result.

The answer to the question of ‘when will there be world peace?’ is when we learn to accept not only ourselves for who we are but others too. We are all born with an inherent sense of right and wrong. Our environment and the way we grow up often blur this in our minds. All we need to re-attain this is to look deep within ourselves, and we will see this clearly.

The old adage ‘Ours is not to reason why…’ had its uses in the past, especially in the armies of old. However, if there were to be no wars, and no armies, then it would no longer be applicable; because it is our very right to question why, all the time.

All we need to do is look deep within ourselves, and we will find it there – a deep, all-encompassing love for all other beings. This is the essence to not only life, but humanity and the Universe itself.

Sometimes we lose track of ourselves in the day-to-day grind that is life. But if we remember to take some time out and reflect, we will find the truth within us. In order to be loved we must first love, not only ourselves, but also those around us. We must accept in order to be accepted. We must tolerate in order for others to tolerate us and our needs. We must forgive to get forgiveness in return.

The result, however, need not be the reason for the love or care or forgiveness that we give. Give freely, expect nothing in return, and it will come flooding back to you manifold. The rewards are waiting – divine love from your fellow humans and creatures and a deep happiness that you need to experience to believe the depth that is possible in this life.

Do not think about or live in the past. Learn from it, but move on, otherwise it will hinder your progress in the future. Love wholeheartedly – everyone, and it will be returned to you in all its glory. I wish you much success in your endeavours.



There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must take into account what they have done, achieved, or perhaps regretted in life. If you have done something that you have regretted, then perhaps now would be a good time to go back and correct it.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If you have hurt someone, then it is OK to say that you have not done the right thing. You must correct your actions. Go back and hug that person and apologise.

There are many unfortunate things that happen in the world, by people who do not have the sight or vision to see that they are wrong. They have been turned into monsters by society (the lack of love they have received) or their up-bringing or childhood. This brings me to that magical word…Love.

Love is the answer to everything. From the world’s problems to the happiness of every individual (and indeed, atom) in the universe. We must learn to Love – not only for ourselves, but for others too. Love brings together cultures, it crosses the oceans, the boundaries, the walls, the prejudices and hatred that divides us. We must learn to love again – I say ‘again’, because we all have this consciousness in us – to love. We must tap into that sacred consciousness and reach out to other souls.

We are all a part of a single entity. You are part of me. I am part of you. Let us reach out and hold hands. Now we are One.

Learn to love. Teach others to love. Only then will fulfillment arise out of the depths of our souls.