Sea of Souls


I have been on this Earth for a few years now – enough to appreciate the fact that I am here. The most important fact that I have chosen to learn is that there is an abundance of Love in all Souls. I say ‘chosen’ to learn because we all choose our own paths – we choose everything that happens to us by what we do each and every second in our lives.

Karma is a concept that has become more common than it was a hundred years ago in the World. What we do has immense consequences in all aspects of All – All the Universe.

Some believe in God, others Not – it is a fact that when a living Being dies, a mass leaves their body – the Soul.

We are all inter-connected by our Souls – each a part of the other. Therefore, even our thoughts have consequences for each other.

Now – what is the Soul? Is it not Love abounding? Serenity All-Encompassing? A River flowing to the Sea – the Sea of Souls? For that is what we All are – a Sea of Souls.

As I leave you to other things that you will do, let me leave you with this thought – you are Love abounding; You are Serenity All-Encompassing – You itself are the Sea – the Sea of Souls.