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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must take into account what they have done, achieved, or perhaps regretted in life. If you have done something that you have regretted, then perhaps now would be a good time to go back and correct it.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If you have hurt someone, then it is OK to say that you have not done the right thing. You must correct your actions. Go back and hug that person and apologise.

There are many unfortunate things that happen in the world, by people who do not have the sight or vision to see that they are wrong. They have been turned into monsters by society (the lack of love they have received) or their up-bringing or childhood. This brings me to that magical word…Love.

Love is the answer to everything. From the world’s problems to the happiness of every individual (and indeed, atom) in the universe. We must learn to Love – not only for ourselves, but for others too. Love brings together cultures, it crosses the oceans, the boundaries, the walls, the prejudices and hatred that divides us. We must learn to love again – I say ‘again’, because we all have this consciousness in us – to love. We must tap into that sacred consciousness and reach out to other souls.

We are all a part of a single entity. You are part of me. I am part of you. Let us reach out and hold hands. Now we are One.

Learn to love. Teach others to love. Only then will fulfillment arise out of the depths of our souls.


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