World Poetry Day and ‘Rain’


Good Morning! Or is it already afternoon…

Today is World Poetry Day, to share and and read Poetry in all its forms. To that end, I share with you my latest poem, ‘Rain’ which is the namesake for my third, and Free, eBook, ‘Rain’:



The bell, it was

Tolling loudly as

Though possessed of

Ghosts of its

Own; Toll it did

Loud and strong

Pure and True

Until I woke from

Slumber to realise

That it was

Wind chimes from

The Outside coming

Through the window;

The wind pulling it

To and fro

And a storm Was

Arising as it

Must as it had

Needed to all those

Days that the Hot

Sun beat down

On the Ground

Accursed at its own

Existence. Would

It rain

‘Rain’ can be downloaded Free here. Please leave me any thoughts…you are welcome to share any of your own Poetry in the Comments. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon 🙂

One Soul


The world today is a mirage of colour and depth that was not there fifty years ago. The boundaries between the peoples and the countries are closing, and it can be said that the world truly is becoming one. However, there is still much difference between the ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s, as it were; although, it can also be said that philanthropy and those with a kind heart are there to be found.

When this is the culture today, a few things can still be done to improve it. Reflecting on the past, it is important to recognise our differences, and then appreciate and love them, as it is to love one another. The world is still in need of the love that it always has been; which leads us to an interesting point; that, perhaps, the only real barrier between true integration between peoples of the world is now, not so much race, but religion. What then, is religion? Is it faith? Or is it the belief that one’s faith is the only true faith?

There have been many prophets, messiahs, and indeed, Gods, who have been on this Earth – of all faiths and religions. They all preached a faith, way of living, and way of doing things, which have now passed into many of the corresponding religions as rituals and beliefs. There is one fundamental flaw here; by preaching a religion that some practice, and others don’t, others who believe that theirs is the true religion, we have divided Humanity into segments of red, green and blue, and black and white besides. God is love – but which God? Where is the love? Which is the true religion – mine, or yours?

These are fundamental questions that the Prophets did not answer, or perhaps did not see. There is a common theme amongst all religions – and that is Love. Love thy neighbour, thy brother and sister. This is what all religions, in part or whole, teach. Is this not true? All the scriptures, old yellowing pages of Truth, teach this. And it is in this fundamental Truth that we must seek the answers to this question.

We have then, many religions, but one Truth – Love. So then, God must be Love, and all religions must be one, as all worship God, and God himself or herself is Love. So indeed, we are all one, as we are all one God’s children.

There is nothing wrong in belief in a religion, as long as one perceives that indeed belief in this does not cause harm to others, and that all humanity is one. The concept of karma arises here – all things come back to one; and also, the ancient adage – do unto others as you would unto yourself. Truth always manifests itself.

I leave you with the thought – if we are all sons and daughters of one God, then are we not one? And being one of God’s children, are we not manifestations of God? And, this being the case, if we wanted, would not Heaven itself be manifested on Earth – if we desired so? We all have the potential to make it so. You do, too, and I hope that in time, we will manifest ourselves truly as one Truth, one Soul, of God – of Love.